Beer Games Kit

What is it?

Bored of throwing dirty ping pong balls back and forth into cups of lukewarm beer? The Beer Games Kit helps you throw the best competitive party your friends have ever seen!

The Kit contains 6 unique games for 4 teams of 4 players and includes rules on how to play, materials required for the games, medals, answer sheets, and everything you need to host the best party this year -- just add beer!

Kick start this year’s fraternity party, backyard BBQ, reunion, or neighborhood block party and host your own Beer Games!


Coming Soon

Want to have more than 4 teams? We are in the process of building Team Kits which will allow you to make your Beer Games as big as you can make it!

We also have way more games than we could include in the Beer Games Kit. Stop back soon for Game Expansion Packs!

We come to you

Hosted Beer Games

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We want to come to your hometown and host it for you! Stop back soon and find out where we are going and how to get us to come to you for the best Beer Games you've never won!