It's Easy


The Beer Games Kit has six games that are easy to play, and fun to compete in. You won't see Flip Cup or Beer Pong here as our games are unique and engaging. Check back here to see videos on how to play each game because sometimes those pesky Game Cards can be confusing!


Our Kits are assembled here in the good ol' US of A. Our ping pong balls are free range; our ice cube trays are gluten free; and our entire staff lives outside of a jail! These are just three of the hundreds of reasons to get all your Beer Games closet clutter from us.

Even More


In our Kit we have set six games with established rules on how to play, but each game can be tweaked based on your arena and competitors. You may not have the room, for example, to run around a house for the relay, so you can run all four legs back and forth on a straight line. The Kit lays out other suggestions but feel free to email us if you need help making it work.