Simple Answers To Your Burning Questions
How many people can use The Beer Games Kit?

We set up the games for 4 teams of 4 people. We suggest having at least two refs to keep things running smoothly.

How can I add more teams to my Beer Games?

We are in the process of creating Team Kits which will add 2 additional teams per Team Kit. Check back soon!

I want to order A LOT of, a do I do that?

Any order over 100 kits should be processed by emailing one of our staff directly. See the “contact us” page to do that.

I don’t understand how some of the games work. Are there more detailed instructions?! We are making videos of each game so you can watch how it’s played. Watch them beforehand or play the videos for your competitors! Check back soon...

Do I have to run the games exactly the way they are described?

Nope. Change the distances, the order of the games, or add your own spices! You can do a relay race around four sides of a square or back and forth along the same line.

How much beer should I use for the games?

We pour 3-4 ounces in plastic cups for most of our games. Sometimes we use cans for an event. Whatever you feel like you can use so that everyone is safe and comfortable is what you should use.

Where can I get more answer sheets?

If you need more answers sheets or another score sheet, email us at and we'll send them out

I’ve got an idea for a game. How do I submit it?

We are in the process of creating Additional Game Kits with extra games sort of like expansion packs. You can email us any ideas you have for games that can be included in the future by clicking the “contact us” page up top.